"Jaeger" Rifle Kit

"Jaeger" Rifle Kit

These parts have been specially chosen to replicate a 1745-1770 period Germanic rifle using our jaeger precarved stock. This is an excellent "middle step" between a totally pre-inlet kit and scratch building. The barrel, lock, & trigger are 95% inlet, and the ramrod groove and hole are complete. The stock is fully cut and inlet for a wooden sliding patchbox. Assembly requires simple inletting and gunsmithing techniques. No instructions are included with this set. We recommend you purchase a copy of, "The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Rifle", #0637 for $20.00 or "The Gunsmith of Grenville County" by Peter Alexander. We suggest this "kit" only for experienced builders. If you do not wish to buy the entire kit, all the seperate components can be found elsewhere in the catalog and on the website. Specify walnut or maple. 31", .54 caliber swamped barrel. Inlet for Davis jaeger right hand lock & jaeger double set trigger. This kit does NOT come with the Traditional 31” Jaeger swamped barrel. We recommend a barrel from the Rice Barrel Company.

Jaeger Rifle Kit with Steel Hardware.

#0485 (Steel)

Jaeger Rifle Kit with Brass Hardware.

#0485 (Brass)