A full line of Ted Cash precut inlay are available, from ovals to sunbursts and diamonds to heart. We carry them all. Just tell us brass, iron, or German silver.

We carry a full line of drums and nipples. Please specify size. Drums are $3.75 and Nipples are $4.15 - $4.50.

We carry two types of Front Sights. The first has three styles of German silver blade with a brass base and one style of sterling silver fowler sight.

We carry all the popular cast Rear Sights, from Early American to Tennessee. Tell us what you need.

Barrel Lugs: Machined out of solid stock, solid for pin 3/8" dovetail $2.25 each. Folded lugs solid for pin, slotted for key $1.95 each. Round barrel lugs, solid for pin $2.25 each.

We offer machined brass cleaning/loading jags for rifles and smoothbores along with ball pullers. Please specify caliber/gauge. Price is $2.00 each. Available in 8x32 or 10x32 threads. $3.95 each.

We carry unplated wood screws for attaching hardware to the stock. The smaller sizes make good screws for patchboxes and inlays, the larger are for buttplates. $2.00 per dozen.

  • #3 x 3/8" flat headed
  • #5 x 5/8" dome headed
  • #8 x 1/2" dome headed
  • #8 x 1" dome headed
  • #10 x 1 1/2" dome headed


Standard Tang Bolt

Item #0094 8x32, #0094 10x32
$4.00, $4.00

Tall Head Tang Bolt

Item #0058

Standard Lock Bolt

Item #0093 8x32, #0184 10x32
$4.00, $4.00

Large Flat Head Lock Bolt

Item #0306

Low Domed Standard Lock Bolt

Item #0409 8x32, #0409 10x32
$4.00, $4.00

Large Dome Head Lock Bolt

Item #0410 8x32, #0410 10x32
$4.50, $4.50

English Style Lock Bolt

Item #0057

Ramrods & Tips

Ramrod Tips

4 Sizes Available

Ramrod Tips

3 Sizes Available

Traditional Cleaning Worm

Item #0259


Front Forestock Sling Swivel

Item #0048

Trigger Guard & Post Swivel

Item #0049

Stock Post Mount

Item #0894

Flint Striker

Item #0955

Patchbox Release Kit

Item #0047

Wooden Patchbox Spring

Item #0223

Breech Plugs

Milled Breech Plugs

We offer top quality straight sided and flared breech milled breech plugs. Please provide your barrel size and threaded size. The styles and prices are:

  • Long Straight (6") = $12.50
  • Short Straight (3 1/4") = $12.00
  • Flared (2 1/4") = $12.00

Ribbon Wire Inlay

Our ribbon wire is rolled by us to a thickness of approximately .007 x 3/32" wide and is rolled until better than half hard which is ideal for inlay work. Most wire found on American and English arms is filed on both sides to make a knife edge. Most French wire has a bevel on one side only. 36" strip. We offer Brass ($4.95), German Silver ($5.50), and Sterling Silver ($12.00).

Stock Inlays
Cheek Rest InlaysCheek Rest Inlays

All Inlays are .040" thick.