In addition to our Gunsmithing tools, we also offer Laurel Mountain Stains for sale. Click here to view the Laurel Mountain Stains.

Gunsmithing Tools & Stains

5" Jeweler's Saw Frame

Item #0282

Item #0283

Sawing "V" Block

Item #0298

The "Ultimate" Spring Vice

Item #0320

Bore Gauge

Item #0936

Hollow Ground Gunsmith's Screwdrivers

3 Sizes Available
$10.00 - $27.00

Lead Free Casting Pewter

Item #0301, #0302
$8.00, $16.00

Selection of Needle Files

Item #0300

Item #0914

Pin Vice

Item #0962

Gun Metal Browning Solution

Item #0039


Item #0299


Item #0966

Laurel Mountain Stains

These stains are specially formulated to bring out the rich beauty and figure of any wood. They are concentrated, non-grain raising, light fast, deep penetrating, and available in a large variety of colors. One 4 oz. bottle will stain many stocks. These stains can also be added directly to Laurel Mountain Forge's Permalyn Finishes. This is especially useful when refinishing worn areas or in restoration work.


Item #0291-MAPLE

Honey Maple

Item #0291-HONEY MAPLE

Lancaster Maple



Item #0291-WALNUT


American Walnut


Nut Brown

Item #0291-NUT BROWN


Item #0291-CHERRY

Laurel Mountain Forge Permalyn Finishes

These products are unique high performance wood finishes formulated specially for firearms. Permalyn is fast drying and can be applied by brush, spray or by hand, like an oil finish.

Permalyn Finish

Item #0295

Permalyn Sealer

Item #0294