"Early" Double Set, Double Knife Trigger

"Early" Double Set, Double Knife Trigger

Identical in body to our #0004 trigger, we now offer this with a gently curving slanted rear trigger, allowing it to be used in larger variety of rifle guards. The double knife action makes this trigger idea for a hunting rifle, but the mechanism can be adjusted for very light pull-off for use in target rifles. The triggers extend about 3/4" through the plate making this an ideal choice for most Pennsylvania / Kentucky rifles. The new style rear trigger is wide, comfortable, and easy to set while the front trigger has a slight recurve.

Plate Dimensions: 5 3/16" long x 3/8" wide.


Also available is the "Early" Double Set, Double Knife Trigger Kit.


If you would like to change your existing #0004 trigger to this new rear trigger style, you may order the trigger, finished or unfinished separately.

#1020 (F)
#1020 (U)