Colonial American Flintlock (1-Screw)

Colonial American Flintlock (1-Screw)

This is a great early Germanic “export lock” that has been faithfully copied from the collection of Master gunsmith and locksmith Jack Brooks, Colorado. Jack produced the patterns. The molds and tooling were produced by Master mold maker Larry Zornes of the Mold and Gun Shop, Ohio. His molds are producing wonderful exacting parts for assembly.

The Colonial American Flintlock in action

Antique Germanic Flintlock, circa 1760's
Antique Germanic Flintlock, circa 1760's

As you can notice it is the correct “grade” of lock for an early American rifle lock. The plate is not too fancy. But, with some file work one can easily put the traditional slashes on the tail of the plate or with some decorative filing, molding, and engraving one could make a fine Jaeger flintlock.


  • Robust in styling. This is a quality that Germanic locks are known for and we have captured it.
  • We offer a “one-screw” showing behind the cock which most well made Germanic locks favored.
  • There is a "boss" on the back side of the sear which reduces the drag on the plate – This early lock is FAST!
  • The bolster thickness including the lockplate is an ample .420 inches.
  • Frizzen spring is attached with a screw from the inside of plate.
  • Cock is very classic in its styling and graceful proportion. Notice how the cock fully covers the plate from top to bottom – This early lock is not WHIMPY!
  • The frizzen is also very classic, properly styled with a wide face. The decorative toe curl is full and finished. The flint will provide a long and powerful stroke to throw a shower of sparks in the pan.
  • Great flintlock for many Early American rifles and fowlers including, Early Reading, Christian Springs, and Jaegers just to name a few.
  • ATTENTION BUILDERS:  It's time to change your patterns!

Dimensions: 5 13/16”x 1”.

#1121 (1-Screw)